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Gun Control Supporters Rally in Davenport

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It's a vote that could affect every American. Next week, the US Senate will be voting on new gun control laws - attempting to make background checks more stringent and have harsher penalties for illegal gun sales.

Saturday, that fight came to the streets of Davenport.

One group from the QCA stood up to support the President and what he is trying to pass into law.

Organized For America (OFA) is a new, grassroots group that is seeing different pockets pop up all over the United States, including right here in Davenport.

They are a non-profit that support President Obama, and are trying to help him push his agenda in different parts of the country.

This weekend, the message of combating gun violence was on one street corner in Davenport.

OFA members brought out signs and loud voices, asking people to show support for deeper background checks and for the elimination of high capacity magazines.

The demonstration brought plenty of attention from cars passing by.

And, the protestors feel their message can be heard in Washington, even from here -- thousands of miles away.

"I am a true believer that it takes the citizens of our country to be active and involved in the political process to have any sort of movement," said one OFA member, Kevin Perkins.

"Everything starts with a seed. You have to have a seed before anything can grow," added another protestor, Drew Shaffer.

The group has only been around since about February. Members say you can expect to see more demonstrations like this one in the near future.

Meanwhile, opponents of the gun control bill say it infringes on the Second Amendment - the 'right to bear arms'.

If the bill passes through the Senate, it will then make its way over to the House of Representatives for another vote.

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