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Dixon Public Worker Used City Credit Card

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The Dixon City Council meeting got heated with the discussion of the future of a public works director who is accused of using the city's credit card for personal expenses.

Dozens of people showed up for the special meeting about Shawn Ortgiesen.

City leaders say between 2007 and March of this year he allegedly charged more than $13,000 in personal expenses.
He paid back some but still owes the city more than $8,000. A report shows Ortgiesen submitted I.O.U's to the city.
The Dixon City Attorney says there has to be a hearing before there is any change to Ortgiesen employment status, but Dixon residents are upset another city employee is accused of misusing city money. 

"I just think it's unfortunate," Christopher Heimerman said. "He's already making a pretty good living, how much more do you need?"

"Poor leadership in the city," Wolzen said. "I mean there were so many red flags that weren't spotted ahead of time".

A meeting will be held April 18th, a week from today, to look at evidence and give Ortgiesen a chance to defend himself.
Mayor Jim Burke has notified the FBI, United States Attorney's office and Lee County State's Attorney office about the case.  


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