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Next Step For Rico Courthouse

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Now that Rock Island County tax payers have rejected a referendum that would have given the Public Building Commission authority to find financing for a new courthouse.

The County must decide what to do next. The ad hoc committee met today to discuss the next step.
They decided to find funding for a special needs assessment that will give them a better idea about how much a new courthouse will cost. The big issue is how to pay for the assessment. With the referendum failing, the county can't use bonds or tax money so they discussed selling or renting unused county property instead.

"We need to address the space needs assessment and find funding for it," RICO county board chair Philip Banaszek said. "I will pursue some of the ideas...there are some properties that we have out in the county and yes, I have been approached."

The committee also discussed whether or not to look at site options or wait for a lawsuit Rock Island County judges will file soon.
That lawsuit is one way to pay for a new courthouse because a lawsuit will allow the county to use taxpayer money.
The committee will meet again at the end of the month for an update.


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