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Burlington Boy Saves Lives Through Organ Donation

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Parents of a boy killed when he was accidentally struck by a tree is remembering their son by helping others.

10-year old Garrett Brockway is described as a boy who loved sports, Kit-Kat candy bars, and wise for his age. 
Garret died last month when his father was clearing trees near their home.

His dad removed one tree with an excavator, knocking over two more trees, one of which struck Garret in the head. Now his parents are donating their son's organs to other people in need.

"We're pretty fresh into this. we lost our son a little over a month ago," Garrett's father said. "It really does our heart good to talk about Garret, to keep his memory alive. But more importantly to bring up the importance of organ donation.

Garret's heart, liver, kidneys, pancreas and corneas were dispersed among seven recipients.
His parents say they are happy to be able to honor their son this way.


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