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Three-Man Race For Rock Island Mayor

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One of the biggest races in the general election is for Rock Island Mayor.
On the ballot are incumbent Mayor Dennis Pauley, David Levin and Rick Cassini.

Pauley is running for re-election to continue big development projects, Levin is concerned about commercial development on Big Island and Cassini is worried about city spending.
Something all three candidates would like to do is continue to bring new business into Rock Island.

"We're definitely going to continue with the Wal-Mart development, that's first and foremost, and Fareway and the Jumer's Crossing development," Pauley said. "We need retail tax in the city of Rock Island. We haven't had that in a long time."

"We need to bring development to Blackhawk Road and to 18th Avenue and to the district," Levin said, "let alone all the wards."

"Helping or assisting small businesses remain, prosper and grow," Cassini said.

Four-years ago when Pauley and Levin tied in the Mayor's race, a judge decided a winner by picking a name out of an envelope.


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