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Vandals Strike Vehicles, Homes in Muscatine Neighborhood

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Residents in Muscatine are looking for your help to find the people responsible for multiple vandalism cases in their neighborhood.

Neighbors woke up Sunday morning to find vulgarities and gang symbols spray painted all over their cars and homes.

They say about five homes were hit, and they're hoping to find out who did this.

Neighbors we spoke to say it happened sometime overnight. They came home Saturday night around 7:30, and Sunday morning, they found spray paint all over their property.

Several spent the day cleaning off their cars. Others say they will have to bring their cars in to be re-painted.

Many tell us they're just dumbfounded as to why anyone would do this.

"Really? We have to act like children?," exclaimed Jim Gibson, whose car was vandalized. "Most of the people doing this are probably adults or wannabe adults and they act like a bunch of kids."

"Leave us alone, find other things to do with your time then wreck people's property and damage vehicles," added Shannon Miller, whose car and home were hit by vandals.

We were unable to get in touch with police Sunday to talk about these cases, but neighbors say authorities have taken reports and are investigating.

If you saw anything that may help solve this case, please contact Muscatine Police.

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