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Local Farmers Speak Out About 'Monsanto Protection Act'

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If you've kept an eye on consumer news, you may have noticed the so-called 'Monsanto Protection Act' sparking questions about the safety of food we eat every day.

Some say the federal bill gives big companies like Monsanto a "blank check" to put anything they want into your food.

But, local farmers say that is not true.

They say the act is supposed to cut down on 'frivolous lawsuits' against big companies - trying to block the use of new technology and genetically modified crops, GMOs.

They say new technology in these genetically-modified crops is what helps them keep up with growing food demands around the world, and they are standing by their products.

"GMO products have been tested and are very, very safe," Jim Ufkin, director of the Henry County Farm Bureau - Geneseo Township, said.

"They're scientifically sound. They've contributed greatly to the ability of the American family to produce food for the world's market," he explained.

Farmers also say there are several regulations in place by the FDA and the Department of Agriculture that ensure the food that ends up on your kitchen table is safe to eat.

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