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Rock Island Church Statue Destroyed

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Rock Island police are investigating an act of vandalism at the Sacred Heart Catholic Church Sunday night and they want your help in finding the person responsible.

In the surveillance video, just before 9:30pm, you see a man trying to push the statue over. 
When he has trouble, he walks around to the front and pulls the 500-pound statue to the ground. 
It breaks into pieces-and the entire incident happens on a busy street. Church members say they are stunned.

"You try to figure out why somebody would do that," Head of security, Tim Smith said. "It's a statue, it's Easter."

The church is not sure if the statue can be repaired.

"My hope is that somebody that was driving by, there were considerable number of cars, hope somebody there can provide a few more details based on what they saw," Sacred Heart parishioner Chris Mandle said.

Members are hoping that if someone knows anything about the vandalism they will report it to the police.  


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