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Dewitt Mobile Home Residents Forced To Leave

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When renting a home, it's important that you know your renter's rights.
Legal experts said landowners can make a renter leave without a reason with a proper notice and some residents in Dewitt are seeing that first hand.

Some mobile home renters are being asked to leave their home by the end of April so that the property they sit on can be sold for new development.
Iowa landlords are required to give renters a 30 day notice for apartments and a 60 day notice if you own a mobile home.
In Illinois, it's a 30 day notice for all rentals even without a lease and most of these mobile home renters didn't have a lease.

"People say well I don't have a copy of the lease, I didn't know I wasn't supposed to do that," Newport and Newport PLC Stephen Newport said. "If the landlord wants to hold their feet to the fire they can."

He said the best way for renters to protect themselves is to get a lease and if you think your rights as a renter are being violated, you should contact a lawyer.


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