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Moline School Sexting Issues

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Police said sexting is a big problem all over the country and there's a case involving up to 100 students from Quad City high schools.

Moline police interviewed several female students from Moline High School who consensually sent nude picture of themselves on their cell phones.
The pictures were sent to a friend who forwarded the images to others. The superintendent said around a 100 students from area schools received the pictures.
Sexting did not occur at Moline High School, so the district had police conduct the investigation. No one is being charged because police said the students did not understand the potential consequences and penalties that go along sexting.

"I don't think the children understand the potential long term consequences of this type of thing and I think they're so used to the instantaneous, compulsivity that seems to go with instant responses to everything." Moline-Coal Valley Superintendent Dr. Dave Moyer said.

The school district and police are working together on a way to educate students and parents about sexting.


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