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Iowa School Years Could Change From Hours To Days

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Changes could be coming to your child's school schedule.

A bill has overwhelmingly passed in the Iowa House that would change the 180 day requirement to 1080 hours.

The change would have the biggest impact on rural school districts. In Iowa, an early out for weather is considered an entire day that counts toward the 180 day requirement.
Under the hour system, the remainder of the hours will have to be made up. For larger school districts, the proposed change would be minimal.

"I think what's driving it is inequities across the state based on does every student have the same number of student contact times in the classroom and the answer is no based on where you live," Superintendent of Bettendorf Dr. Theron Schutte said.

The bill still has to make its way through the Senate but, the proposal is also in the education reform package that is making its way through the legislature.


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