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'Proactive' Organization Works to Stop the Violence

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One community group in Rock Island, hoping to stop the violence, hosted a community discussion program Sunday aimed at doing just that.

During the program, several local families who have lost someone too soon to violence shared their stories.

At least 30 people in the Quad Cities have been killed over the last seven years because of violence in this community.

But the group called 'Proactive' has been working to stop any more deaths from happening, through community meetings and sharing their stories of loss.

The organization was born out of co-founder Michael Collier's own personal tragedy. He lost both his nephew and cousin to gun violence.

He says dozens of other families have been affected the same way, and one loss is one too many.

Now, he works to solve community problems and neighborhood issues by talking things out before the situation gets violent.

"If they have a problem, strive more towards positive talking, constructive talking, letting them know it ain't even worth it," Collier explained.

Collier says he regularly gives out his number to people in the community and is willing to be the mediator of any argument or misunderstanding. The ultimate goal is to prevent any more violence.

He hopes to grow the organization into something bigger in the future.

Collier says he hopes to start having meetings twice a month to keep the message alive.

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