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Another Dog Shot in Warren County

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A dog is recovering from a gunshot wound to the leg. It is the second dog to be shot in rural Warren County in the last six weeks.

A few weeks ago, we brought you the story of 'Dixie', a dog who got loose and was shot.

Now, we've learned another that another dog, living right next door, has also been shot, seemingly unprovoked.

A two-year-old husky named 'Noocitna' was found bleeding from her right hind leg Friday night from a gunshot wound.

It was determined by a vet that the ammunition used was a .22 caliber bullet, the same used in the first shooting.

But, while Noocitna's family wants justice, they are also hoping for a speedy recovery.

"Her femur had been shattered so badly that she would have a short leg if she could use it at all. The nerve damage may be so bad that she can't use it at all," said G.W. Douglas.

"She's our baby," Brenda Douglas said. "We have two dogs - a small one and a large one. She's our guard dog; our protector. She loves us to death."

The injured dog returned home from the vet's office on Sunday. Her owners say she is in stable condition for now.

Dixie, the first dog that was shot, is also recovering.

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