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Car Burglaries On The Rise In Davenport

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Six car thefts in three days.

The Davenport Police Department has been busy responding to cars being stolen.

The thefts have been occurring all over the city, some of them in neighborhoods.

But, this isn't the first time a rash of car burglaries has happened in Davenport

In fall of 2011,  there was a large string of car thefts in Davenport - over 11 of them.

Now, thieves are back in the QCA, and they're going after unlocked cars, some of them in neighborhoods.

But in some cases, people are losing more than just their way around town.

"I'm not necessarily scared," said one victim, Kristen McCutcheon. "I'm more mad than anything and I'm more mad about my son's car seat and stroller than anything."

"In the majority of cases, they are used for joy riding," says Davenport Chief of Police, Frank Donchez. "We've found that over the years, most are taken and used for a while and then are dropped, as opposed to taking it to a chop shop and parting it out."

Five of the six reported cases happened when the car was unlocked.

One Davenport officer told a victim that there was a 90% chance her car would be found. but it could be in rough condition.

As of Friday night, none of the missing vehicles have been found.

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