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Changes Proposed to Iowa's Casino Exclusion List

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Iowa lawmakers may allow people who signed up for lifetime exclusions from the state's casinos to rethink their decision.

A proposed law would allow someone on the list to ask to be removed after they've been on the list for five years.

Very few states have lifetime bans, and the Missouri Legislature just changed its exclusion list law.

Iowa Representative Cindy Winckler, D-Davenport, says some people ran into problems with the exclusion when they tried to visit a casino's other amenities, like golf courses and water parks.

"A lot of the casinos have expanded their footprint, and have more amenities there, and some of the casino are imposing the ban on any of the facilities," she explained.

Anyone who asks to be taken off the list can put themselves back on.

However, after the second request to be put on the list, the exclusion returns to a lifetime one.

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