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Davenport Discusses Harrison Street Changes

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Davenport city leaders weigh in on plans for big changes on part of Harrison Street. The thoroughfare, between 18th street and 5th street, would change into two lanes. The two outer lanes would be used for parking. During 3 a.m. and 9 a.m., the western lane would be used for traffic but switch to parking for the rest of the day. Wednesday night council talked a lot about safety, especially with parking on a busy street and schools nearby.

"To do it right away from four to two lanes I have a huge concern with the parking near schools," said alderman Mike Matson.

"In front of the schools where kids would throw their door open it's no parking, no stopping, no standing heavy ticket and you only get one," said Public Works Director Mike Clarke.

The area of Harrison in particular is in the Hilltop Campus Village, which has been undergoing revitalization the past few years. The city also considered turning Harrison into a two-way, but decided the extra parking lane was a better idea. Many hope it will help with marketing and visibility to draw customers to nearby businesses.

"As far as multi-tasking lanes, we see that in many cities where lanes are shared lanes for a portion of the time," said Alderman Bill Boom.

"We believe this will help a great deal and go a long way toward stimulating investment in the area so businesses can come in, create jobs, give the place a face lift," said Scott Tunnicliff with the Hilltop Campus Village.

The final vote will be next week. If aldermen approve, the Department of Transportation has to give the okay.

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