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Quad Citians Back Gun Control

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Quad Citians responsible for gun laws has been quiet since the 90's.

It was formed to deal with a rash of shootings in Rock Island but found no support at the congressional level to deal with gun policy. The Sandy Hook shootings changed that reality and the group is trying once again to show Congress there are people who support restrictions on guns.

"When you lose just one, that's one too many."

Pastor Rogers Kirk has been active in social justice for years. Ending violence has been one of his goals. Violence caused in part, by guns. He points to Chicago.

"Three hundred nineteen grade school kids last years were shot and 29 of those kids were killed," Kirk said. "These are students."

He said Congress needs to enact a ban on assault weapons and high capacity magazines. He also said more money needs to flow to programs to prevent violence, preventing juvenile delinquencies and treating young offenders.

"We will never be able to stop killings, but we can reduce them," Kirk said. "We can save people by putting these steps in place."

Sister Cathleen Real said gun violence hasn't skipped the Quad Cities.

"I think the background checks are really minimal, but if we could get that it would be a start," Real said. "I think it would be a good thing for Iowa as well as the country to realize a lot of people are more interested in life rather than deaths."

She still remembers the drive by shooting of Vincelina Howard in 2007. She said gun makers shouldn't be able to sell assault weapons because death outweighs the jobs those makers provide.

"Although you have to have a person, guns still kill, and there's so many instances where if a gun were not available, a death wouldn't happen," Real said.

A message this group wants Congress to hear.


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