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Rock Island Considers Cutting Video Gambling License Fees

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Rock Island city leaders consider making it less costly for businesses who apply for video gambling. Right now, the annual license fee is $250 per machine in Rock Island.

Council Monday night discussed cutting that in half after several businesses voiced concerns of the fees being unreasonable compared to surrounding cities. City staff compiled a list that shows for example, Milan charges $100 dollars per machine and Moline charges $50.

"I think it's a step in the right direction. Make them easier to come in. They're going to be a benefit for them and the community. I think they should look at making a very reasonable price on them," said Troy Fenner, Manager and Co-owner of Martinis on the Rock.

Nearly two dozen Rock Island establishments have applied to the state for video gaming licenses with a handful now up and running. After a lot of discussion Monday city leaders decided to table the issue for now. Mayor Dennis Pauley says council members want more information on costs and potential revenues from the machines. There's no word on when the issue will be back up for a vote.

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