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Changes to the Loop Proposed

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Changes to the Loop Proposed


A $1.4 Million investment is not going as well as planned in the QCA. The Loop bus - a public transit system that traveled both sides of the river- may be seeing cuts in the near future.

The bus only travels four days a week now, and that could be changing.

Some call it the party bus, others say it's simply a nice way to get around, but no matter what you use it for, the Loop bus is looking at some possible changes.

The Loop was created in 2010, thanks to a three year grant from the federal government. But but because the grant is ending and ridership is declining, the bus service that now runs from Thursday to Sunday could be scaled back to just Friday and Saturday nights to save money.

Another option is to just run the bus in the summer months, when ridership is at its highest.

But no matter what happens, local businesses say they would feel the pinch if customers can't get to them.

"There's a portion of people who don't drive that really value it at night and not just going home from the bars but getting to them," Dann Cornelis, a bartender at Great River Brewery, said.

"I'm a commuter myself and I was really excited about the Loop to see it unify our bus systems, but if it's not working out I guess, it's not," said Broc Nelson, who bartends at Blue Cat Brew Pub.

According to the Bettendorf Public Works director, the heaviest day of use for the Loop is Saturdays - at nearly 400 riders.

Sundays are the lowest with an average of 45 riders.

City leaders are also considering extending hours later in the night to accommodate later bar hours in Illinois.

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