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Three Arrested In Blue Grass Drug House

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Three people are arrested in Blue Grass at what police call a drug house and this isn't the first time officers have been called there.

Scott county sheriff's officers arrested 64-year-old William Marolf, his grandson 23-year-old Ryan Toliver and 21-year-old Emily Dwyer, Toliver's girlfriend.

Officers say they were able to track stolen prescription drugs to the house.

Inside they found evidence that Toliver and Dwyer were using and dealing drugs and they say why Marolf may not have been participating, that he couldn't have not known what was happening.

"It's hard for the owner to deny when drugs and the growing operation are found in the common areas of the home," Lt. Bryce Schmidt said. "That at the very least they didn't know it was going on."

That growing operation, a psychedelic mushroom lab that Toliver and Dwyer were arrested for in January. Back in 2009, Toliver was arrested again for synthetic ecstasy.


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