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Davenport Warns Downtown Parkers During Snow

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Davenport crews are once again on a mission to move all this snow out of the downtown.
For that, it takes quite a system requiring heavy machinery and parked cars out of the way.

"We call it our conga line," Davenport CIP Manager Steve Russell said. "We have our snow loader and a whole lot of dump trucks that back up and go empty it one by one as they keep filling and going."

For every snow emergency the city puts out public notices through media and the city's website but after last Thursday's storm dozens of drivers didn't get the message and wound up either ticketed or towed.

"I felt like had no idea it was going to happen, I thought I was doing the right thing parking in a place that wouldn't be a problem so I was frustrated," Megan Trinrud said. "I was disappointed."
Also disappointed, area businesses.

"They come down at 10 o'clock and then they block the streets," The Phoenix G.M. Brandon Bowman said. "Once that happens our restaurant empties out for people trying to move their car and then it just kills our business,"
This time, public works plans to send one final warning for people to steer clear of the snow routes. Sending someone in advance of the downtown snow crew arriving. 

"We're going to send a body door to door, any business open, notifying them they're on their way probably an hour in advance of the crew coming in."

Giving at least businesses a reminder to make an announcement for customers to move their cars. The hope is it will help decrease the amount of issues that could lead to people avoiding the area altogether.

"If we had a little bit more time or it was a different time rather than our busy time it might have been a little better for us," Events manager at the Barrel House Tara Elkins said.

Whether or not it makes a difference.


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