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Plow Drivers Keep Up With The Snow

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While ice wasn't much of a problem, Tuesday's round of snow still brought with it some challenges. Davenport's snow removal service went into 24-hour operations mode. There were more than 50 vehicles at a time, basically anything with a plow, working non-stop.

As usual they worked the main thoroughfares, emergency, school, and public transit routes as priorities. One issue they ran into was, after clearing the center of a road in one direction and coming back the other way, cars had already splashed slush into the lanes.

Something that's also important with this type of snow was clearing out around storm drains so that the melted snow didn't create pools in intersections. Trying to keep the plow from also spraying it all over the place is challenging too.

"As long as you maintain your speed kind of slow it's okay. It's not too bad," said Davenport snow plow operator Gerardo Huizar. "Gotta be careful too while we're pushing this slush that we don't maintain our speed at the same because if you go too fast it's going to end up in people's front doors."

"When the temperature drops it will refreeze, so we'll usually put a light layer of salt too after we push some of the slush out of the way to help," added Huizar.

Crews say once it's down to the pavement or running water on the main emergency routes they'll start to move into clearing residential areas. They'll also have to figure out if another round of snow removal in the downtown will be needed.

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