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Dish Network Begins Carrying FOX 18 Programming Again

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The Grant Group of Stations is pleased to announce that they have reached an agreement with Dish Network to return the FOX 18 and CW 26 Quad Cities stations to the air Saturday evening.

For the past week, Grant and Dish have been engaged in extensive negotiations.

Fortunately, for all involved - but particularly Dish subscribers throughout the Quad Cities area - the many long hours of hard work paid off Saturday a little before 7 PM CT.

Fox 18 and CW 26 are back on their Dish channels and our viewers are able to once more, and for years to come, see all the great programming on their FOX 18 and CW 26.

This includes the Daytona 500 Sunday morning, starting at 11 AM.

We thank all of our viewers for their patience, support and understanding.

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