Muscatine May Be In EPA Violation



Muscatine is in violation of national air quality standards and now the EPA is considering new measures to crack down. 
While businesses and the city have taken steps to fix the problem, the amount of sulfur dioxide in the air is still too high. That's why the EPA is now recommending the entire county be designated in "non-attainment." 
That means that existing businesses will need to limit their emissions even more and potential developers will have to follow very strict rules to make sure they're not adding to the problem. 
City leaders said being classified as a "non attainment" area could have harmful economic effects.

"With the non-attainment status, if an industry is looking to expand or locate in a community and we have that designation as a non-attainment community it imposes a number of regulations on them," Community Development Director Steven Boka said.

City leaders said they are writing a letter, asking the EPA to let them continue to work on lowering emissions. 
If that doesn't work they plan to ask the EPA to change their classification from county wide to just city wide. A decision will be made by June.


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