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Historic Guns Available At Rock Island Auction

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A regional firearms auction is bringing the world spotlight to the QCA.

The Rock Island Auction Company is offering up seven thousand firearms this weekend, and when it's all said and done, the company's owner tells us all of them will be gone, having brought in millions of dollars.
The bidding was fast and furious as collectors from across the country and around the world bid by phone and in person.

All of them, trying to take home the piece that will complete a collection.

Ken Tamborra is here from Connecticut. He tells us, "I collect WWI rifles, WWII, and I'm looking more into Civil War, Revolutionary War because it's all a part of American history."

"Basically in my life," Eric Weeldreyer says, "I've just looked for whatever made my eyes get a little big bigger."

The owner of On Target Guns and Gunsmithing in Kalamazoo, Michigan has been coming here for 15 years. But Auction Company owner Pat Hogan tells us this weekend is also good for new collectors.
This regional auction is one of five the company puts on each year, offering a range from semi-automatic pistols to guns dug up from rivers.

And offering them at lower prices than at a premier auction.

At the same time, this auction is on target to bring in big bucks, more than four and a half million dollars.

Pat Hogan says, "This will be the best auction we've ever had for a regional sale. We are shocked at the amount of interest."

He says that's coming not only because of what's happening nationally, but also in our area.
"Illinois has crazy gun laws and we're finally gonna get the right to carry."
Of course, no one will be carrying what they're buying here, like an 1866 Winchester, what Hogan tells us is one of the better guns in this auction. He is expecting it  to bring in 14 to 22 thousand dollars.

Collectors tell us they're willing to pay that much for a gun with a story behind it.     
"You have to ask yourself, which would you rather have, a gun that sat in a bankers drawer or maybe one that was along the river of the little big horn?" Hogan asks. He says, " I think I'll take the historic one myself."

The auction runs through Sunday with bidding starting at 9 each morning but you can check out auction items in person before that, starting at 7:30.


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