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Preview Of Crundwell's Court Appearance Tomorrow

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We know Dixon leaders will get a chance to speak and many have a lot to say.

Not a lot of it is good when it comes to what Rita Crundwell did and how it affected the city, but tonight we learned she may have done even more than first thought.

The preview to what's expected to be a colorful day in court was laid out in black and white.
Prosecutors said an F.B.I. Special Agent will testify that Rita Crundwell not only embezzled $53 million in public money, but also stole at least $25,000 from a charitable fund the city set up for its "Sister City" program that was designed to promote cultural and economic partnerships between Dixon and four international cities.
It's a non-profit and exists only because of donations.

Agents will testify Crundwell deposited checks payable to the city into the "Sister City" account, then wrote checks from that account to pay for personal expenses.     

"She's just an absolute total thief without conscience," Dixon Mayor Jim Burke said. Burke is one of half a dozen people are expected to speak out.

Public officials are expected to make victim statements about how Crundwell's crimes devastated this community.

"While she was taking all this money, she had a ringside seat to the consequences to the city of her actions and it didn't make any difference to her. She kept right on stealing money," Burke said.
Her gains were losses for the city and its residents, with no upgrades to police radios or new hires at the department no raises for any employee for the past three years and the city issuing bonds to meet its financial obligations.
For all that, after her guilty plea, the 60-year-old could face 20 years in prison.

"I'm going to ask the judge to give her the absolute maximum sentence," Burke said.


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