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Pot Holes Popping Up All Over

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Recent changes in the weather are causing big issues for city crews, and bigger bills for city tax payers because potholes are popping up all over the place.

And, with Sunday's rain, many of the patches on those potholes have been washed away, and that can cause problems for a city.

Let's face it: Nobody likes pot holes. They can cause your car major issues if you hit one.

Many people believe that snow plows are to blame, but in reality, that is not the case.

Pot holes and sink holes are caused by the constant freezing and thawing that the ground undergoes throughout a winter. Mix that with water getting under the asphalt and freezing, and the cement simply can't handle all that stress.

As East Moline's Director of Maintenance, Dave Lambrecht, tells us, keeping up with the breaking roads isn't easy - or cheap.

"On a daily basis say we have two guys out, you're talking a couple hundred dollars and then the truck at $27 an hour for 8 hours... and then a few hundred dollars a day just for the blacktop for five days a week," Lambrecht explained, by phone.

Lambrecht also says that cities depend on their citizens to tell crews where problem spots are. Many times, residents are the eyes of the city and the public works office.

The City of Davenport recently created an app for smart phones that lets you snap pictures of pot holes, telling the city exactly where they are.

Crews hope to respond within 24 hours of getting a picture.

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