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Fate Of Thompson Prison Still Up in The Air

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Quad Citians have waited years for Thomson Prison to open and we are getting word tonight about how much longer the wait will be.

It all depends on what the President does with next year's budget.

If he adds money for the prison hiring could start in just months but if Thomson doesn't get funding in that cycle it could sit empty like this for much longer.

Most residents we talked to are not optimistic about the future of Thomson Prison, sitting empty for years.

Completed back in 2001 money problems kept it from fully opening in 2012 but the Federal Government bought it and there has been no action since.

"Here's the bottom line, we're about to go into a period of 6 or 8 months where there's going to be cuts in federal spending, so the notion of putting substantial amount of new money into Thomson at this point is not likely," Senator Dick Durbin said.

At the same time Durbin said if the President includes Thomson in next year's budget, things will change.

"At that point, we can move forward with changes in construction , but we are waiting on the President's budget," Durbin said.
Waiting. Something many are familiar with here.

"It's just pretty much a headache, always up and down," Village trustee Vicky Trager said.

We should know the results of those efforts soon, whether hiring will start or whether we'll start the waiting game again.


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