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Woman Charged In Daycare Meth Investigation

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Parents who trusted a local daycare provider with their children share their shock and anger. Amanda Taylor was arrested Tuesday on child endangerment and several felony drug charges. It stems from a late December methamphetamine bust at her in-home daycare in Davenport.

Two mothers share their shock and frustration...

They did not want to reveal their identities, but the two mothers each had a child going to Amanda Taylor Child Care within the same time frame when police say meth was being made in the home.

Both say it's not something they ever suspected. "There's a lot of things but that would never cross my mind at the time."

"It always smelled like bleach and looking back maybe that's why they cleaned their house so much."

One mother's child was there close to eight hours a day Monday through Friday. "Everything was downstairs for the kids. Thinking our kids were down there, God only knows what's going on."

After talking with DHS and having her child drug tested, one woman describes the stressful week before she finally got results on whether or not her child was exposed to the toxic drug.

"We were worried about long term affects. What could happen long term but luckily she was tested negative, it's better now."

Both mothers say they were scared and angry for what police say was going on in the home and now trusting someone with their young ones may be that much harder.

"Obviously we put our children where we think they are safe. As far as in-home daycare, I don't want to give in-home daycare a bad name but just be aware of the surroundings. Look, pop up every once and a while when they're least expecting it."

"For them to be in this situation is just mind blowing."

Taylor's boyfriend Dale Blumer was originally arrested in late December in this investigation and faces charges of making meth at the Davenport daycare. He is due in court on Thursday.

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