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QCA Housing Market Rebounding

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You could call it a sign of the times.

For months, we've been talking about a tough housing market. But agents at one local company say they've seen some amazing results over the last year - having their best year in the company's 150 year history.

They say the QCA housing market is showing no signs of slowing down.

That's because there seems to be a perfect storm for both buyers and sellers right now. Realtors we talked to today say everybody is seeing the benefits and gaining confidence.

Sellers, for the most part, are seeing their houses come off the market pretty quickly. That is causing a slight shortage in the housing market making homes more valuable.

But, for buyers, interest rates continue to stay very low. Also, first-time home buyers are eligible for great credits, with very little money due at the time of purchase.

"We need more inventory and that is going to have an effect on pricing. It's going to send it up. It's really a good time to sell," Paul Eberling, a Ruhl & Ruhl Realtor, said.

Eberling went onto say that he expects this success to last into the future - mainly due to the fact that buyers' attitudes seem to be changing. He said they are becoming more confident in the market

According to the realtors we talked to, condo sales are also up. A big reason for that is because some sellers are looking to downsize to more manageable-sized properties.

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