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Marine Corps Survey Lists Concerns About Women in Combat

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Thousands of US Marines say opening combat roles up to women could prompt them to leave the service altogether.

That was one of the many findings of the Marine Corps' anonymous online survey of 53,000 troops last summer - findings that were provided to Defense Secretary Leon Panetta before he opened many combat positions to women last week.

Top concerns listed by male Marines included being falsely accused of sexual harassment or assault, possible fraternization, and preferential treatment of some Marines.

Meanwhile, top worries for female Marines surveyed included being targeted by enemies as POWS and hygiene facilities. Concerns about acceptance and physical abilities also made their list.

That said, 31 percent of female Marines surveyed - that's more than 1,500 of them - said they would be interested in a lateral move to a combat position as their primary job.

Slightly more - 34 percent - said they would volunteer for a ground combat unit assignment.

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