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Rep. Loebsack Makes School Safety a Priority

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As the gun control debate continues in Washington, one Iowa Congressman is hard at work to find solutions to school violence.

Rep. Dave Loebsack (D - IA) is making the rounds to schools in his district to take a look at safety measures in place - and what needs to be done to improve them.

Loebsack said many Iowa schools began to take security precautions long before the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary, but many are now having more conversations about how they can make them even more effective.

He said it all comes down to having the right services available to students in need:

"It's about access to mental health. It's about doing everything we can to provide the resources so when a child has particular issues or problems and those are identified and that he or she is identified that that child has access to the services," Rep. Loebsack explained.

Loebsack is talking to school officials, local law enforcement, and community leaders about what improvements can be made.

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