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Lincoln School In Clinton Faces Closure

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Another area school faces closure and it's one that houses at-risk students. The Clinton School District is considering closing the Lincoln Campus as early as next school year.

Currently about 55 high schoolers are in a program for students who are struggling academically, but school administrators say the format isn't working as well as they want.

"It's not being as successful as it once was because of our ability to not be able to provide those interventions we can provide in a different format," said Superintendent Deb Olson.

Right now, of the more than 50 enrolled, attendance is only 40 to 50 percent daily at Lincoln and the graduation rate is about 30 percent. In an effort to boost learning opportunities and graduation rates they're looking to move it to a small building close to the high school. The hope is to still provide individualized instruction but offer more opportunities that students may have been missing out on at a remote location.

"We cannot continue to do the same thing that we've done and expect different results. We have to try to change something to see if what we can do works better." said Olson.

Right now there's no plan for what to do with Lincoln school if the board chooses to close it. Superintendent Olson also says this isn't not about cutting costs as there's no plans to reduce staff or resources to students that need them most. "It just is looking at what's best for kids in this program so they have a better future."

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