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Soybean Tax May Raise Gas Prices

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People who fill up in Iowa may soon be asked to pay a little more.

The Iowa Soybean Association has come out with its legislative priorities for 2013 and one of them is pushing for an increase in the state's fuel tax.

It's meant to fund critical improvements and maintenance on rural roads and bridges.

The key thing to remember, they said, is that Iowa has not raised it's gas tax since 1989.

Because they see a lower volume of traffic, rural roads and bridges tend to get short changed when it comes to money for repairs. That's added up to increased costs for farmers.

"In going an extra four miles to get around a bridge that they can't get across. Or perhaps it's a loss of equipment," Soybean Association Policy Director Carol Balvanz said. "The cost of equipment that gets damaged when it hits potholes or bumps in the road."

The Soybean Association is actually joining a number of other farm groups in the state in asking for the fuel tax hike.

They say the longer it takes to secure the funding, the more expensive road and bridge repairs will become. 


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