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New Credit Card Fees Take Effect

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You might want to think twice before swiping your credit card the next time you shop. Starting Sunday, stores that accept Visa or Mastercard are allowed to add a surcharge or "check out fee" to your bill.

It is the result of a lawsuit.

A recent settlement between retailers, banks and credit card companies makes it legal for stores to pass their credit card "acceptance" costs onto you, the customer.

Stores will be allowed to charge a fee that is equal to what they pay to accept your card, which is usually anywhere from 1.5 to 3 percent of your total purchase.

Experts with say the new "checkout fees" are only allowed on credit cards - not debit cards.

They say it will be up to the individual stores to decide what they want to do.

Managers at one Davenport bridal store say, weddings are expensive enough and they plan to continue absorbing the costs of the credit card machine, just as they have done in the past.

It is a move their customers say is a smart one.

"I just bought my dress here and looking at the itemized invoice its kind of like, oh my gosh--it's a shocking amount so yeah--you want to save everywhere you can," said one of them, Courtney Thomas. "If that extra fee was there, I might try to not do a veil or not do something as expensive."

If retailers are going to charge you, they are supposed to let you know in advance through signs or before you check out.

There are ten states where it is still illegal to pass credit card fees onto the customer. But Iowa and Illinois are, unfortunately, not among them.

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