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Locals React to Obama Gun Initiatives

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President Obama said society's first obligation is to protect its children.

He revealed today how he wants to fight gun violence in America in a combination of congressional legislation and executive orders.

Obama and Vice President Joe Biden unveiled the most sweeping gun control in American history.

They placed on a White House stage four children who had written the President seeking reform and sitting in the front row the parents of Grace McDonald, murdered in Connecticut.

"In the letter that Julia wrote me, she said, ‘I know that laws have to be passed by Congress, but I beg you to try very hard,'" Obama said. "Julia, I will try very hard."

Republicans quickly denounced kids being brought out to sell it.

The President did an end-run around Congress with 23 executive actions including the Centers of Disease Control to study gun violence.

The President urged Congress to pass legislation to institute universal background checks, a new ban on military-style assault weapons and a 10-roun limit on ammunition magazines.

Local advocated we talked to had mixed opinions on the President's initiatives.

While may are on board with measure that cover things like mental health, there's a lot of concern over the potential ban on assault weapons.

"A good way to put it would be a knee jerk reaction," Oak Hill gun club President Michael Craig said. "It's hasty, I think that they're not going to solve the problem."

As far as background checks go, gun enthusiasts don't think there would be much change.

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