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Davenport May See Street Roundabouts

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We have more details about the City of Davenport's plans to turn 3rd and 4th streets into two-way streets.

Roundabouts could be installed at 10 different intersections and there may be one at Harrison and Third.

City officials say roundabouts and stop signs would cost about $500,000. Another option, new lights at the intersections, would cost more than $2,000,000.

The city has been researching traffic flows on 3rd and 4th street for the past year.

"We've talked to the police department about this and we've talked to traffic," Davenport Public Works Director Michael Clark said. "We do not see traffic roudabouts or conversion to stop signs will increase or change accident rates.

City officials said charges for roundabouts could be made in just one day.

They plan to meet with public works to decide the next step on Saturday.

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