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Fyre Lake Golf Course Set to Finally Open

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A local golf course that has sat unused for years is getting a new lease on life.

Work on the Fyre Lake National Golf Club in Sherrard, Illinois, began in 2007, but it never opened to the public because of financial troubles.

That is, until now.

A new developer has come in, with plans to open the course by this spring.

Residents of Fyre Lake say it is good to hear the golf course, now covered in this fresh blanket of snow, will finally be getting some use.

"We've been here since 1988 and we think this is the fourth attempt at the golf course," one resident, Stephen Felt, said.

While several attempts to open the course have been unsuccessful, local developer Todd Raufeisen, who has now acquired the property, says he is confident he can make it work.

He said because the course had been foreclosed on, he was able to buy it for a very low price.

The work to get it up and running is already underway. Golf Vision has been hired to manage it; the pro shop is almost complete; and Raufeisen is even working on a hospitality partnership with Jumer's.

Neighbors said all of these steps look promising.

"We've been waiting a long time, everybody kind of anticipating it's a success, and I think its on the right track now," said Fyre Lake resident Larry Stone.

While the neighbors we spoke with are not golfers themselves, they say having the course could also add to the value and appeal of neighborhood. Nearby condos, which have been empty, have now been listed.

"It ought to make it more desirable if the development goes well," one person said.

That is a good thing for some people, but not for everyone.

"Unless your selling your house the increase in property value means an increase in property taxes--so that's probably not what we are looking for since we plan on staying around here awhile," said one neighbor.

The course is set to open in March - or whenever the weather gets nice.

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