Gun Sales Skyrocket in QCA


Gun control talks in Washington are boosting gun sales across the United States, amid fears of a potential gun ban.

The Quad Cities is no exception.

"It's, very, very difficult to keep up with inventory right now, we are doing as best as we can to meet that demand, but it is nearly impossible," Jason Bitting, owner of Duck Creek Armory in Davenport, said.

Bitting said sales doubled in November, following the Sandy Hook shooting, and he has continued to stay extremely busy.

A look around his store backs that up. One shelf, which is usually full of semi-automatic rifles, is empty. Ammo supplies are also running very low.

Shooting Sports Unlimited in Moline has seen sales go up by a third as well.

Both store owners said they believe that is because of the debate raging now over gun control.

Shoppers we talked to said they were worried about a potential gun ban, and they want to get weapons while they can.

"I am almost one hundred percent sure something is going to happen where the right to bear arms is going to be in question, and I thought if I want to get something I have had my eye on for a while, I might as well do it soon>," said one gun shop customer, Jake Schoeny.

Local store owners said business has remained steady among people buying guns for hunting and recreational shooting reasons, but a lot of people that have not previously owned guns are now coming in and buying them for protection.

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