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Tainted Gas Investigation Uncovers Another Issue

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More answers behind a possible tainted gas issue at a BP gas station in Bettendorf. Inspectors were at this Big Ten BP station on Middle Road and Devil's Glen Road last week.

They found a large of amount of water in the tanks, but did not pin-point a cause. Something else inspectors found was that drivers were being charged differently for the same octane of fuel. A report show that 89 octane was put in both 89 and 87 tanks with two different prices.

"Some say we can't do anything about it. Some say we have and this is what's happened. I think the biggest thing is our state code doesn't really define this very well," said Mike Manahl, Director of the Weights and Measures Bureau with the Iowa Department of Agriculture.

Inspectors say the setup did meet Federal Trade Commission regulations on the minimum posting octane ratings going into that tank, but it's kind of a gray area of misrepresenting the prices. It's unclear if any action could be taken.

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