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Finding Solutions To Gun Violence

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Vice President Joe Biden began his work at finding some solutions for gun violence. He hinted that President Obama might not wait for Congress before taking some action.

Vice president Biden opened his first task force meeting on gun violence with a gathering of victims and gun safety groups and somberly recalled the Sandy Hook shooting rampage.

The President promised a quick response in the wake of the attack, and Biden said both legislative and executive actions are possible. President Obama has indicated support for among other things: a ban on military style assault weapons, new restrictions on high capacity ammunition magazines, loophole free background checks, a national database to track weapons, and increased mental health efforts to spot and help those who pose a threat.

"There's a pretty wide consensus on three, to four, to five things in the gun safety area that could and should be done around this table," said Vice President Joe Biden.

Thursday, Biden meets with the other side; sportsmen, hunting groups and an official from the National Rifle Association which firmly opposes attempts to restrict gun rights. A coalition of pro-gun and conservative groups has now proclaimed January 19th "gun appreciation day."

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