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Illinois Pension Crisis

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Finding a fix for Illinois' pension crisis will have to wait.

The Illinois general assembly has ended its lame-duck session without bringing any pension reform measures to a vote on the floor.

Illinois' new general assembly will be sworn in at noon tomorrow and theoretically could get right back to work on a bill to deal with the state's $96 billion pension crisis.

Presumably, though, they'll face some road blocks if the difficulties striking a deal before this session ended are anything to go by.

After a bill that had shown promise died in the house today, Illinois Governor Pat Quinn proposed creating a commission to come up with recommendations which could then be enacted without the legislature's approval.

That proposal failed to make it to the floor for a vote.

Outgoing lawmaker Rich Morthland said the lack of any action is a big problem. 

What's going to happen to our bond rating it's probably going to get pushed down again," Moore said. "What's going to happen to all these poor school districts that have to plan their fiscal year based upon what Springfield does? Oh, that will be left in turmoil again and uncertainty. This is a dreadful way to run a state."

Morthland said there is a lot of pressure on lawmakers to pass pension reform measures sooner rather than later. When and if those bills would come to a vote is in the Speaker of the House's hands.

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