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Illinois Pension Reform

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The Illinois House is meeting again today to make one final push to find a fix for the state's pension crisis.

Governor Pat Quinn and his fellow lawmakers are expected to continue to work through the weekend to come up with an agreement.

They're trying to pass the state government's employee pension reform before Wednesday, the date when the current legislative session ends and new lawmakers take office.

Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan said he believes an agreement can be reached in time.

My recommendation is that we move past the difference and find a bill that we can pass so that there will be some action taken on the question of funding for these pension systems," Madigan said.

Madigan said they're still debating cost of living adjustments for employees and retirees. They're also trying to decide whether workers should contribute more and whether they should wait longer before retirement.

Last week, a major sticking point was set aside when Madigan agreed to drop his proposal to shift teacher's pension costs from the state to local school districts.


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