NHL Lockout Boosts Q.C. Mallards Attendance


No pro hockey on TV means more fans in our area are watching it live. The mallards new president says the NHL lockout is boosting ticket sales.

"I think for some teams around the league they've seen maybe 5 to 10 percent increases," said Bob McNamara, Mallards President. "For us we got a bit of a late start in the market, based on some things that happened in the summer so we're really starting to try to move into the ticket sales mode, the community relations mode and get out there."

He says players on the ice translates into fans in the seats. The ticket line at the i-Wireless Center is ringing off the hook and fans were buying tickets four and five hours before the puck dropped Friday night.

McNamara says another part of that is because of the passion local fans have for hockey and the Mallards. A lease extension means the Mallards will play here for sure next season.

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