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Meet Our Staff

Colton, our Disc Replay's Assistant Manager, was born in a van down by the river and raised on a steady diet of government cheese.  During his early years, he worked as a motivational speaker, though this did not bode well for the young hero.  He soon attended the prestigious Phoenix Wright School of Law where he would graduate at the top of his class.  After his days as a hard hitting lawyer who asked all the questions like "Who are you?" and "Did you do it?" he was recruited by Cave Johnson of Aperture Labs where he was apart of many great things in the name of science.  However, after the GLaDOS disaster, they stripped him of his license to experiment.  This dark time, however, would not last as he would soon stumble onto Disc Replay of Moline where he could continue his experiments for science by managing his team and focusing on customer satisfaction.

Tom, our Disc Replay Supervisor, was raised in a turtle infested pipe in the Mushroom Kingdom.  Most of his childhood he spent jumping on turtles and eating mushrooms for sustenance.  Afterwards, he spent many years in an Aperture Science Lab being tested on the effects of mushrooms by chasing after stars, thinking he could throw fire balls, skinning a raccoon and trying to fly.  His stay was not at will as he tried escaping through the building pipes multiple times.  This part of his life, however, would not last as he was released after the GLaDOS disaster where he would come to work at Disc Replay of Moline where he is now well versed on what tools gamers need.

Brian, The Game Console Repair Man, was raised by robots so tinkering was in his blood. Of course, not being a robot himself, he was trained to fix just about anything to pay for the food he required. It was on that fateful day, he was recruited by Aperture Labs Engineering Department where he created some of their most useful tools. He created panels, crushers, and the popular companion cubes. Once Aperture Science was terminated, he spent many years doing things he wasn't proud of. After being disowned by robot family for making the sinister mod controllers, Brian was looking for work. A few years later, Brian found Disc Replay of Moline where his brilliant but mad skills were put to use! And from that day forward, the product of Disc Replay became that of a higher quality with his technical backing.

Disc Replay was born out of Aperture Labs with the express goal of providing a mega selection with mega savings for the people.  However, during the testing procedure, it was found that the prices were too low and was abandoned by Aperture. The store however had taken on a life of its own devouring small animals throughout the years.

With the pigeon and squirrel population at an all time low something had to be done. And so Alyson, the self proclaimed queen of Disc Replay of Moline, tamed the rouge store and its out of control buying habits and pricing. After years of controlled testing, she found the perfect low price, large selection, and product guarantee to keep the business running. In need of a strong team, she ventured out for the best of the best, an elite retail team that could only be found in their parents' homes. Her team was trained with precision in product knowledge and customer service.  With her team assembled, she set forth to create one Disc Replay to master their domain in meeting the needs of their customers.

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