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About Us

Disc Replay started in 1994 as a single location used compact disc store. Today, we have stores in 4 states offering a broad selection of used items including video games and consoles, blu ray and dvd movies, music, and electronics.  While our concept has evolved over the years, one thing has remained steady. People like to have fun, and save money!  Disc Replay has become a weekly family tradition for many families. 

Disc Replay buys and sells used merchandise with the exception of new release video games and new accessories.  If you have stuff you wanna sell, then just bring it in and we'll look at your stuff and work up a cash or store credit price while you wait. You don't need an appointment.

Check us out for yourself, and you'll see why we're a weekly tradition for many of our customers! Got questions? Feel free to call the Disc Replay near you. Thanks for reading, and we'll see you at "The Replay"!  Each Disc Replay store is independently owned and operated.

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