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Meet Our Staff

Specialists/Staff Bios


      -Owner of The Green Thumbers since 1998

     -Began working at The Green Thumbers in 1980 while in High School

      -A vast knowledge of horticulture, gardening, and lawn care

      -Enjoys providing first class customer service

Garden Center


        - Garden Center Manager at The Green Thumbers

         -10 years of Home Improvement Expertise

        -Owned and operated own contracting business (specializing in Flooring)

        -10 years experience as a manager at a major Home Improvement retailer  

Laura K.

-Member of the Green Thumbers Staff for 17 years

-20 Years Experience in Horticulture

-Considers The Green Thumbers her family

-Especially enjoys working with Annuals  


       -Several years of experience in the Garden Center/horticulture industry

       - Extensive knowledge of horticulture, gardening, lawn care, and perennials

       - Self-taught Garden-enthusiast  


     -Worked as Senior Park Manager for the City of Davenport for 30 years. 

     -Years of experience in Landscape Design and Horticulture

     -Areas of expertise: Landscape Design, Plant Identification, Trees/Shrubs/General plants, Plant Disease diagnosis and solution

      -Degree in Landscape architecture from Iowa State University

      -Paul enjoys improving the environment now and investing in the future beauty of the world around him. 


      -Years of experience in horticulture

      -Master Gardener

      -Worked at other Garden Centers and Floral Shops

      -Her personal areas of expertise are Perennials, shrubs, annuals, and container gardening

      -Mary enjoys working in the outdoors

Mike D.

       - Worked at The Green Thumbers for several years

       - Mike maintains the 5 acre nursery as well as providing great customer service with a smile


     -For Rev, Gardening has been a hobby and a source of enjoyment for many years

     -Her personal area of expertise is vegetable gardens

     -She enjoys showing people how to grow a vegetable garden and get the most satisfaction out of their work.

Laura B.

      - Marketer for The Green Thumbers, but also works in customer service

      - Writes the e-garden Newsletter

      -Writes releases and updates for Facebook and Twitter

      -Has a background in Journalism and Communications, as well as 3 years experience as a Hospital Chaplain and many years in the field of customer service

      -Enjoys customer service and working with people



         -Over 20 years of experience in Floral Design - literally a life's work

   -She is an expert on flowers and houseplants

  -Expert in creating Unique and Contemporary floral arrangements


       -Over 20 years experience in the Floral Design Industry

       -Enjoys putting "love" into all of his creations

       -Derives great satisfaction from the comfort which people receive from the flowers they receive in times of need.

       -Vast knowledge and experience in the field of horticulture


     -Holds an FTD Master Designer Degree

     -Over 30 years of experience in the floral design field

      -Won FTD Competition Awards

       -Winner of the Illowa Orchid Digest Award

       -Sue owned and operated own flowers shop for 11 years

       -Sue has experience in wedding floral arrangements, botanically-correct arrangements for the home

     -Believes that being friendly with customers goes a long way 


     -Four years on the staff of The Green Thumbers

     -Background in the field of sales and customer service

     -Enjoys helping you find the perfect floral arrangement to meet your needs!


Jason P.

   - 15 years experience in Horticulture and Landscape Design

   -Studied Horticulture and Landscape design at ISU

-Enjoys working with customers

Jason G.

-Studied at Iowa State University

-Specializes in Hardscape Design and Installation

-Experience in many other aspects of the Landscaping industry

-Enjoys helping customers solve problems


        -BA in Landscape Architecture from Iowa State University

        -He enjoys designing the right landscaping to make each site look as beautiful as possible

       -Loves working with customers and helping them make their plans a reality

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