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Customer Chatter

"They have a huge selection of all the best games and movies at yard sale prices."
-Jennifer V.

‎"I can find more anime collections than anywhere else for amazing prices!"
- Cory K.

"The staff is very friendly, and the merchandise is reasonably priced with a wide range of choice."
- Carrie S.

"You can buy a movie, game or cd for a real low price. And if you don't like it you can sell it back for credit towards a different item. Plus you can't beat 5 items get the 6th free."
- Justin M.

"I like Disc Replay because.... wait why wouldn't you like Disc Replay? It's got a metric ton of games and quite a few movies too and they're cheaper than your Aunt Sally's garage sale. So go there... do it NOW! (Chuck Norris would approve this message)"
- Adam D.

"It is run by some of the greatest people on the face of the earth!"
- Andrew Z.

"I like Disc Replay because I get to replay my childhood."
- James R.


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