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Small-business owners: how to manage expenses while getting the most out of your time

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Small-business owners are known for their do-it-yourself work ethic. Without that type of attitude, running a small business is next to impossible. But there are also times where getting help from outside can help small-business owners use their time more efficiently.

Whether it's buying a product that can help you do things more efficiently or contracting with someone to conduct a service that they can do more efficiently than you could ever dream, spending a few dollars here and there can end up saving you money in the long run. Here are a few areas of your business where affordable help is available and can take some extra work off your plate.


One of the most time-consuming duties for a small-business owner can be keeping the company books in order. If the thought of even keeping expense journals makes you shudder, many contract accounting services offer bookkeeping as an option. Chances are you are comfortable with basic bookkeeping, but could use a little help preparing your financial statements or doing your taxes. Hiring an accounting service to conduct those orders of business may prove to be a good investment.

To add a layer of security and professionalism to your transactions, you may also want to look into companies that provide business check starter kits. And if making sure your employees are getting paid is taking up a lot of your time, hiring an affordable payroll service may also be worth your while.


Promoting your business is likely a point of pride, but marketing can often be more than a one-person job. Hiring a firm to create a professional logo or jumpstart your search engine marketing campaign can be an affordable way to augment your own marketing efforts.

Office space

These days, many successful small businesses get their start in the comfort of their owners' home. But you may find yourself wanting a professional-looking office space to conduct important meetings. If this is only an occasional need, look into facilities in your area that will lease office space on an hourly basis so you don't have to spend the money for a place you won't regularly use.

Often the key to small-business success is finding the most cost-effective ways to conduct day-to-day operations. Making wise investments to free up your time to focus on cultivating and growing your business can help you remain successful for years to come.

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