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Advertise with Us

KLJB-TV FOX 18's programming reaches thousands of people each week - more than the readership of the area's biggest newspaper and more than any audience on the most popular radio station.

The FOX 18 Sales Department boasts the most experienced and talented sales staff in the Quad Cities. The combined efforts of the Sales team, Promotional team, Production team, Programming team, and the FOX 18 Management team have enabled this department to consistently achieve the advertising goals of the FOX 18 advertisers.

For all your advertising needs, let the professionals at KLJB-TV help you with your television campaign. Call (563) 386-1818 for more information. Listed below, you will find the phone extensions and email addresses of our friendly and experienced sales professionals.

Tony Wilkins
Sales Manager

Brenda Burns (Vondran)
Account Executive

Tom VanDaele
Account Executive

Jason Happel
Account Executive

Sue Salathe
Account Executive

Christine Van Vooren
Account Executive

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